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      Liverpool Decking Co specialises in the design and installation for deckings for gardens, patios or outdoor entertainment area, covering all of Liverpool, and the surrounding Merseyside region. Whether your property is located in commercial or residential areas, our experts are capable of transforming your outdoor space with a brand new outdoor decking.

      For decking installations, we use timber or composite decking boards, having been serving the local public for over 10 years, and with these years of experience on our back, we have mastered the art of decking. 

      Our professional deck builders will guide you starting with designing or redesigning your layout and style. We believe that no two projects are the same, and so, our designing services offer uniqueness and functionality.

      When it comes to the materials used, we source. only the best timber wood decks or composite decks. Our professional team only uses fine wood and composite materials. Timber woods are usually used for classic designs while composite decks are used for a more contemporary look.

      Our experts are properly equipped with the needed skill set and equipment to carry out the installation. 

      Timber and Composite Decking Solutions, Built by Quality & Reliable Builders

      Bespoke Design

      Premium Build

      Quality Service

      Timber & Composite Decking Fitters

      Here @ Liverpool Decking Co, we supply and install the best timber wood and composite decking boards from reputable manufacturers across the country. The right choice of decking material relies on the design and functionality of your outdoor space. Taking a look at the features and benefits of each decking material can help you make a sound decision.

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      Timber Decking?

      Timber is considered as the original material used for outdoor decking Liverpool. This is what makes it really popular among the decking materials. Timber looks and feels natural as they preserve the grains and lines of trees from which they are made. With this effect, timber is great if you want a more rustic and classic look.

      Timber is further classified to softwood or hardwood. Our expert deck builders in Liverpool will help you choose the right type of timber.

      Timber Decking


      Among the decking materials in the market, softwood is the least expensive choice. It is made from trees that grow fast and easily harvested. This makes softwood more sustainable and less wasteful to the environment. Since it is easily produced, it is friendlier to your pockets. Also, it is easily installed, requires less maintenance and lasts long if treated properly.

      In order to protect our client and to give them more satisfaction, Liverpool Decking Co offers a warranty covering 15 years. This is to safeguard our clients from potential danger and damages such as insect attacks.

      Timber Decking patio


      Unlike softwoods, hardwoods are made from slow-growing coniferous trees. This makes their structure more stable and harder. Processing hardwood takes time, and so, it is more expensive than softwood.

      In the aspect of design, hardwood is such a versatile material. It can be stained to the color you like. However, leaving hardwood as it is allows it to age beautifully. The complexity of its structure guarantees its superior durability and longer lifespan. Moreover, hardwood has a broader set of resistance features.

      Here at Liverpool Decking Co, our objective is to use only the best sources at competitive prices. Talk to us today to know more about our other decking options.

      What is Composite Decking?

      Also known as alternative-wood, composite decking has gained popularity over the years. Apart from being the most advanced among other decking materials, it is a combination of recycled wood fibres. These components make it unique and environmentally sustainable. It is also lightweight, durable, and stain resistant.

      Designing and constructing a new decking can be a sizeable project, but with the help of our experts, your decking plans will be executed with ease and with minimal disruption to your day. Our professionals are equipped with the right skills and tools to get the job done right the first time.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Is maintenance needed after installing a new decking?

      Usually, decking boards don’t need much maintenance. It is, however, important to keep them in top-top shape if it calls for it. Below are some things you to consider in maintaining your deck boards:

      • You look for any scratches or cracks to ensure your safety.
      • You check for loose nails as these might compromise your safety.
      • You need only cleaning agents that are safe with your type of decking material.
      • You must address parts that require repair as soon as possible.
      How long does it take to build a decking?

      It usually takes 1 to 2 days for a decking project to be completed. This is, of course, made dependent on your outdoor size, the materials used and the manpower behind the project. Projects with larger spaces usually take at least 4 days to finish.

      How beneficial is a new deck to a home?

      Homeowners often have a deck installed in their backyard to create an extension of their home. Moreover, a deck makes your outdoor space safer to walk on and increases your home’s value. A deck installation, thus, is really beneficial. With the best decking company at your side, all of these can be achieved.

      Is it possible to cover an old decking with a new one?

      This is not something that we recommend. It is best if you remove the old decking boards first and replace them with new ones. This is because decay might have developed underneath. Such must be removed so as not to further damage your decking boards. Putting new decking boards on top of the old ones won’t stop the decay beneath. In worse situations, the new deck boards will just be damaged as well.

      Is it okay to install decking in the garden?

      Decking installation does not confine itself to your backyards or patios. It is also beneficial to your gardens to provide a safer walkway or to increase its beauty. Decking installation creates an extension of your space and provides a safer space for children to play.

      Is decking installation really expensive?

      The answer would depend on the size of your space, the materials you need and the features you want to incorporate. Typically, a 15m2 space size would entail an amount of £1,000 to £2,000.

      Below are ballpark costs for a 15m2 outdoor space.

      • Softwood Timber – £1,000 – £1,200
      • Hardwood Timber – £1,500 – £1,700
      • Composite or Alternative-Wood – £1,900 – £2,000
      What type of decking material is best for me?

      Your design style and overall look will dictate what type of decking material is best for you. Softwoods are used to achieve a more rustic and classic look; while hardwoods are used for modern designs. Lastly, composite decking boards are popular for their versatility.

      How can I make my decking slip-proof?

      Usually, decking can eventually become slippery and unsafe as time rolls. Of course, this can be avoided. Just like other parts of your home, the decking also needs regular maintenance.

      Although some decking materials may require little maintenance, it is still important for you to take necessary precautions. Listed below are some tips on avoiding a slippery deck:

      • Remove moisture from debris on the decking by sweeping it or hosing it down;
      • Use oil made specifically for decking that prevents slip.


      How can I make most of my budget?

      Decking installation is not a cheap project to tackle, so it requires you seriously think about it and determine if you have enough money for it. Seeking help from professional deck builders can give you plenty of options to maximise the amount of money you are willing to spend for the project. Since each material varies in terms of features, costs and functionality, it is equally important that you educate yourself with these and weigh your options to make a better decision.

      With Liverpool Decking Co, we guarantee honest, ethical and upfront estimates on all jobs from the start, and ensure no hidden costs further down the track.

      Give Our Decking Installers A Call!

      Being knowledgeable about the best decking options is crucial before starting your project. That is why Liverpool Deck Co is here to be your guide. We don’t just make promises; we always deliver them. Apart from our top-quality decking supplies and services, below are reasons why we are the best:


      We customise our services based on the customer’s budget, preferences, and available outdoor space.


      We offer comprehensive services which include post-installation services.


      We price our materials and services reasonably and competitively.

      Let us start your decking project now, and it begins by calling us now.

      If you are in Liverpool or the surrounding Merseyside area, we would be happy to come give you a free, no obligation quote!